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iPhone - unlock a passcode locked phone

Hi all,

Looking for some advice as all the documentation read to-date is not giving any definitite answers.

We are currently managing just under 60 Apple devices via SMC. Many of which we can control the locking and unlocking of the device remotely.

We have noticed several devices can have a passcode "lock" command sent to, but cannot send an "unlock" to as the icon/button is not available for random devices.

Every device runs the same configuration profile, the iOS versions do vary, but we have ruled out this as a reason due to some devices running the same iOS can be locked and unlocked as ones that cannot.

Other than sending a wipe command and "trying again" we cannot see anything that will allow us to unlock a seemingly unlockable device before the data is removed. (The whole purpose of this is to retain the data still on the device).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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