Guidance for iPad Deployment Method

Hi all, looking for some guidance on how to deploy Sophos MDM for some iPads.

The situation I have is the client organisation has Sophos MDM and is joined to their Apple Business Manager. They have purchased some iPads from a 3rd party, so they are not showing in the ABM yet. They do not have users designated for the iPads but will at a later point in time.

I am wanting to setup these iPads so I can install Sophos Mobile Control, Intercept X, and a few other free apps. I also want to be able to use the locate feature on these devices in MDM.

The main problem I am running into is that I use one of the managed Apple ID's for the org, but I can't download the Sophos Mobile Control app to then enroll the device, and allow me to push apps to device without the end user having to sign into an Apple ID.

What would be the best way to handle enrollment for these devices in such a way that I can enroll and deploy apps now, and then assign to a user later?

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