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Sophos Secure Email (no Sophos-Container-Policy)


wir testen gerade Sophos Mobile als MDR Lösung. Ein iOS-Gerät habe ich schon hinzugefügt und der Rollout von Apps hat soweit auch funktioniert.

Aber wenn ich die Sophos Email öffne kommt nur die Meldung "Die App hat keine Sophos-Container-Richtlinie erhalten - Resync".

Die Email-Einstellungen werden auch auf das iPhone übertragen, weil den Account sehe ich unter Mail - Accounts.

Was muss man einstellen damit die Policy übernommen wird?

Vielen Dank.

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  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Sopohs Community Forum. 

    I was able to find the following documentation related to your inquiry.
    Retirement calendar for Sophos Mobile products and apps: Sophos Secure Email

    Within the article it states:
    We encourage existing customers using the Sophos Container apps (Sophos Secure Email and Secure Workspace) to transition to the Android and iOS equivalents (Android Work Profile and Apple User Enrolment). The Sophos Secure Email and Sophos Secure Workspace apps will be removed from the app stores in December 2023 and will not be supported after this date.

    Please also see: Manage Sophos container apps
    The Sophos container is only available for Sophos Central accounts created before October 1, 2022 and for accounts migrated from an on-premise installation of Sophos Mobile.

    If you wish to continue using the Sophos Secure Email application, you will need to select "Sophos Container Policy" from the following UI. This has been disabled for some Sophos Central accounts already, depending on the age of your Sophos Central instance.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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