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Sophos Mobile / EAS Email Error

Hello everyone,

I have the problem that I can't get email access on a smartphone. The error and informational messages are:

2023-04-24 08:00:29.448 [EAS] INFO ActiveSyncIdCache_EAS-AEVN - try to resolve active sync id "XXX" with username 'USERID'
2023-04-24 08:00:29.586 [EAS] ERROR ActiveSyncIdCache_EAS-AEVN - Mobile reported error while resolving XXX: found 2 matching devices, but should be exactly one
2023-04-24 08:00:29.965 [EAS] INFO ActiveSyncIdCache_EAS-AEVN - smc server could not resolve active sync id "XXX", next resolve will be at 2023-04-24T11:00:29.965+0200
2023-04-24 08:00:29.965 [EAS] INFO InboundHandler_EAS-AEVN - active sync id 'XXX' has permission UnknownActiveSyncId

The user himself does not have any Active Sync IDs in Exchange.
In addition to the device we are trying to connect, there is another tablet that can successfully access email.

There are a large number of people in my area who access both smartphones and tablets at the same time.

How can I approach a solution? I am thankful for every help.

Best regards,

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  • Good morning,

    Thank you for your reply. The KB article you quoted is known to me and I have already tried to carry out this scrap. Unfortunately, there is no "unassign user" item for the corresponding devices, so I cannot carry out these steps. Are there any further ways to carry that problem?

    Best regards,