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Sophos Mobile Control Policy Violation Detection

Hello community

Web Filtering is dependent on the Sophos Accessibility Service. I have not found a way to restrict a User from disabling the Accessibility Service. Is there some way to do this? 

Therefore the next best possibility I found was to apply Compliance Policies and lock the Container if a User has deactivated the Accessibility Service.

What I was not able to solve or understand is why does the Sophos Mobile Control App does not detect the Policy Violation immediately? At the Moment the lowest interval setting I could find was 6 hours. 

Is there any possibility to have a faster detection of policy violations?

I have read through the documentation and through the Community Forums but was not able to find anything regarding this.

It would be nice if someone could answer me this question.


Android Enterprise Fully Managed Devices through Sophos Central. Android Versions 12 and 13

Thanks for the help.

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