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iOS update problem / interrupted


we have problem updating apple devices.
It does not matter if we update with actions -> available updates -> install update or if we use the policy to update.
In both cases, the devices start to update, but the updated gets interrupted and abort.
If we use the update function on the device itself over the settings menu, the update works just fine.

Is there anybody who faced the same problem or may know a solution for that problem?


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  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Sophos Community Forum. 

    Do you know if the devices are enrolled using Apple Business Manager? The Update iOS function is only available to devices enrolled in "Supervised" mode. Some additional information can be found at the following link.
    - Update iOS and iPadOS

    When you mention that the devices begin to update, then fail. Are you seeing this locally on the mobile device or are you seeing this from Sophos Central only? 

    Further information on what actions are possible on each iOS device is detailed on the following Apple documentation page. The specifics mentioned under "Installing software updates and upgrades" may shed further light on this.
    - Use MDM to deploy software updates to Apple devices

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  • Hi  ,

    yes the devices are enrolled using the Apple Business Manager.
    The update function even using the policy was working fine, but since a few weeks the updates get interrupted.

    We see the updates failing on the device itself and in sophos central.
    I'll go ahead and try to figure it out, with the information you provided.

    Thank you.