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Intercept X For Mobile App Stops Responding

Hey Community,

Intercept X for mobile (Android free version)stops responding at random times and pop up box reads "sophos has stopped responding" giving the option to 'wait' or 'close app' and the  anti-virus doesn't scan daily as it should sometimes and the latest issue is sophos in accessbility is turned off and so is web filtering. Web filtering will power back on but it's not staying on. As it stands right now, I'm not sure if my device is protected or not.

Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Thank you for reaching the community forum.

    May we know what steps have you taken to resolve the issue? There are quite a lot of reasons why an android app stops working, and this includes the device hardware and OS version. I've tried checking and found this forum. You may try applying the steps mentioned and let us know.

    Also, have you allowed all necessary permission for the Scanning upon setting up the free version? You should be asked to setting-up a scheduled scan when configuring the apps after installing. 

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  • Thank you for responding. I've restarted my device more than once hoping to resolve issue, and as I stated, I have more than one issue going on but the issues started with anti-virus skipping days it would scan. The web filtering, sophos accessibility and the app not responding are the new issues. I've shared log files with one of your team members concerning the scanner but haven't heard anything back yet. Restarting device is the only troubleshooting I know to do. 

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    One UI Version:5.1

    Android 13

    I will check the forum you suggested as well.

    Thank you Glenn, for your help.