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Different Wallpaper on IOS doesnt work

Hello, everyone,

I have the following problem.

We use Sophos Mobile with IOS devices. Now to my problem.

I want to distribute a background with a company QR code.
If I only distribute this as a lock screen, it will be displayed on the home and lock screen.

If I then also distribute a "blurred" home screen, this is not displayed at all.

I can't get the lock screen and home screen to display different images.
The devices are on IOS 16. They are all supervised according to Sophos.

However, if I set a new background, then the whole thing works. But I can't tell everyone to set a new background!

Can someone help me?

Many greetings

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  • In the Settings app, tap Wallpaper. Tap Add New Wallpaper. Tap Photos, People, or Photo Shuffle to choose your own photo. With iOS 16, it appears impossible to set two different images as your Home Screen and Lock Screen wallpapers. Every time you go to Settings or edit the wallpaper from the Lock Screen, it will use the same image on both the Home Screen and the Lock Screen.  upsers

  • Hello,

    many thanks.
    But this is about Sophos Mobile (MDM). I would like to roll out 2 different images and not touch 300 devices by hand.

    I would like to distribute this automatically via MDM.

    Tip: You can apply 2 different wallpapers on IOS 16.

  • If this is the behavior your'e seeing, I'd suggest opening a support case to look into this further. I would not expect this to occur if the setting explicitly states "Lock screen"

    If I only distribute this as a lock screen, it will be displayed on the home and lock screen.

    It is only possible to configure one image as either a Lock screen, a Home screen, or both. If you would like to submit a feature request to allow separate configurations/images, I'd suggest submitting a feature request. You can do this by reaching out to your Sophos Account Manager. 

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