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Android update seems to cause mail to stop working

Hello -

Asking the community to see if anyone else is having this issue too.  It seems like when some of our Android devices have an OS update, mail sync gets messed up and just doesn't sync anymore.  We have Exchange 2013, and still are on Mobile on-prem, running the latest version of Sophos Mobile.  I haven't dug into the logs too much yet.  Its not device specific either (as in we have it happening on Pixel / Galaxy devices).  For some of them, on the Exchange side there's a new device listed in the Active Sync list.  Other times there is not.

What we've been doing is wiping the work profile and re-enrolling the work profile on the phones.  We're getting 1 or 2 phones with this problem a week.



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  • Have you tried this? Because This issue can occur due to compatibility issues between the new Android update and the mail app. It can also be due to a bug in the update or a glitch in the app itself. To resolve the issue, try clearing the cache and data of the mail app, reinstalling the app, or checking for any available updates. If the problem persists, contact the app developer for further assistance.  ManageMyHealth

  • Well since I posted this there have not been any unexplained mail issues with the Androids.  Go figure?

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