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Webex Meetings iOS Requiring Password to Install


After extensive troubleshooting/testing, it seems like we are having a problem installing the Webex meetings app. The device is fully controlled. Other apps install remotely or through the Sophos control app without issue. For some reason, Webex Meetings requires an app store password to install.


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  • Thank you for reaching the community.

    Can you confirm if you're installing a licensed Webex app? If so? Does the license of your webex has been purchased via Apple Business Manager? One of the reasons for the Webex app to ask for iTune credentials was due to the licenses of the app itself. 

    Glenn ArchieSeñas (GlennSen)
    Global Community Support Engineer

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  • Just want to follow up on this. It appears to be a bug with Sophos. It seems to happen after you add an app to your app library. Webex now installs without issue, but jabber is now an issue. I'm guessing/hoping this will self-resolve in a few days the way webex did.

  • When I encountered this issue previously, I was able to resolve it by obtaining licenses for the free app through VPP. For free apps specifically, I suggest assigning a higher number of available licenses than devices on your environment, as there is no cost associated.

    I am unsure why this works after some time has elapsed in your case. I suspect there have been updates in either ABM or Sophos Mobile to better handle these situations.

    The only time you will see a request for credentials when installing apps (for devices enrolled via ABM and leveraging Apple VPP) is when available licenses are not present.

    Kushal Lakhan
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  • For some apps, it seems creds need to be entered on the first install, then never again for other devices. Not sure if this is expected behavior or not.

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