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Enroll iPhone - MDM Profile error + Procedure

Good afternoon,

I'm looking for answers, after weeks of trying and failing.

I'm enrolling iPhones, I got them in Apple DEP console and in Sophos. While I enrolled 26 Android phones in less then a week, I keep on having issues trying to prepare 7 iPhones.
I have 2 main issues:

- I start the wizard to add the iPhone, Mode "Register" or "Register + Operation Bundle", got the QR code. Finished starting procedure on the phone, I download SMC app and scan the QR code. Well, the profile I download is not valid because "New MDM payload doesn't match the less recent one" (freely translated Italian to English). Device doesn't register to Sophos (Not managed), but "Operation bundles" I send work, almost and slowly.

- I still haven't found an efficient, definitive procedure from the wizard to successfully enroll iPhones. I tried all the options, but there is always something wrong, on SMC or Intercept X. I need to find a way to enroll them with complete management.
Note: is it normal every time I enroll an iPhone, I got 2 devices in my list, and the one I created is the one that is not managed?

Could someone help me, please? I'm losing my mind and too much time on this activity.

Thank you in advance,

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