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Internal android app upload!?

Hi Community,

we need to upload a not published app from our supplier, so we can use them on Android Scanners. We tried in Sophos Mobile and Sophos Central Mobile. In old and new system I can add under "Private Apps", but it never shows up. When you try again, it says "Please rename package and upload again", so it worked somehow, but we can not see the app.

We checked all we could, but all helps just says "go to private apps and upload". We also created an Google Play Console account and paid the developer fee, but also there we can not find anything. Also no "link" or "connection". The only thing is, that our Google Enterprise account is the same as we used now for the console.

We read that you can also upload in console and use it, but this is not our own app and we also do not want to publish it. Just on internal devices, so it is easier to setup and manage the mobiles.

Is there something we are missing?

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