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Issues Setting Up Standalone EAS Proxy with Exchange Online in Powershellmode

Hi Guys,

i'm in a situation, ehre i have to set up a standalone eas proxy in combination with Exchange Online.
the struggel begins, when i try to set up the instance.
i prepared the service user as mentioned in the sophos knowledgebase.
however, when i try to click "add" in the Configuration Wizard i receive the errormessage "Cannot connect or login to Please check your input".
I'm able to login trough a browser from the Server.

The Version of the EAS proxy is:
The Powershell Version on the Server is:5.1.17763.2803

I already made sure, that TLS 1.3 is activated on the Server.
Further i checked on the Firewall an disabled TLS Inspection an Webfiltering.
The Firewall Log indicates, that all traffic regarding this problem was allowed.

I am very thankfull for any tips!

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    Hi Malte,

    Can you share the KB number or the link to the knowledgebase you're following.

    Can you try to run netsh winhttp reset proxy in Powershell then do Configuration Wizard again.


    Fernan Tutor