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Central Mobile - Android Full Device User Assignment

Good afternoon all,

Hopefully you can help.

We appear to have a strange issue in Central Mobile with Android Full Device Managed devices.

Presently all devices had a user assigned that was sync'd with AD.

Recently (not sure when) all the Sophos Mobile users have disappeared out of the console. This has also removed their assignment from the devices.

Since this has happened, no one can get into Google play because of an "unknown account" error.

These users still exist in Central and are still assigned to other devices, laptops, for example.

It has rendered the mobile devices largely unusable as we can't even manage the SMC applications on the devices, and any applications forcing an update, will not open. 

We currently have the Google Play account restrictions lifted so that they can be managed, however this has not resolved the issue.

Has anyone come across this before? Currently it is looking like that if we cannot re-assign the users (which apparently isn't possible on Full device managed mobiles) we will have to factory reset every single device and rebuild which is just not feasible.

Any help appreciated.

Many Thanks

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