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Hello Boys and Girls,

We have 50 plus IPADs we manage via Sophos Central Mobile. We want to be able to share a set of contacts for all our IPAD users. Any ideas on how to tackle this.

It appears the built in contact apps is not going to work. I could be wrong.  We have about 200 contacts with physical address. Those IPAD users are drivers and I want them to share those same 200 contacts so they can just click on the contact and drive to their destination. Ideas on how I can accomplish this. I am open for anything as long as it will not break the bank ..TY have a good weekend all

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  • Hi Ninja,

    What you're trying to do is only possible with Sophos Secure Email app. That needs to be setup and installed on managed devices.

    From Sophos Mobile Control, under Configure > Policies > Android > Create > Sophos Container Policy > Add Configuration > Work Email > check Export Contacts to device checkbox.

    You need to add the contacts to your Exchange contacts then it will pass the info to the secure emaill app>then it will sync the contacts on the device.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.


    Fernan Tutor

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