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intercept x permanent notification in android notification bar now missing after app update

I've been using Intercept X for Mobile on our Android One phones since 2018 and have always enabled/configured the App Protection feature. In doing so, I have always seen the permanent notification icon of Intercept X on the notifs bar as a sign that the app is running in the background. The icon is a small phone with a check mark on the lower-right, and if you pull down to reveal the notifications it would say something like "X apps protected," with x being the number of apps you protected with a PIN using App Protection.

However, after updating to the latest version 9.7.3495, that permanent notification icon disappeared. Apart from enabling All files access permission (because I was prompted to do so after the update), there were no changes to its settings, both within the app and the phone settings. What's noticable though is that after that permanent notification disappeared, there's a new recurring log entry which was never there before until the update. It says "The app is in the standby bucket 5."

I like the idea of seeing a persistent icon on the notifications bar just so I know that the app is running in the background and protecting our devices. But now it's gone after the update, and its absence is kind of disturbing. In case needed, device details are as follows:

OEM: Nokia

Model: 2.2 and 2.4

OS: Android 11

Has anyone in the community noticed this? Or better yet, can anyone confirm if this is the intended outcome from the latest version or a bug introduced by the update?

Please advise.

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