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Battery Optimization errors across all devices since update to SMC app version 9.7.10088 (devices are now non-compliant)

Hi there,

who else is seeing devices becoming non-compliant after the latest SMC app version update to 9.7.10088? Nearly all of our devices need to be brought back in by the users to fix this issue on the device. Most of our users are not so skilled and a language barrier makes it even harder to explain by phone what they have to do.

The update collides with our compliance policy: "SMC permissions can be denied"

Sophos told us it was a bug in prior version or versions that did not set the setting correctly. With us it is only about 80 devices spread around South Germany but what are you guys doing who manage > 100 or even > 1k devices?



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  • That is the thing. The issue came with the newly released version! We are already in contact with an escalation team who is reviewing everything from our setup and the app in collaboration with the developers.

    I posted here to get tips/info on how others are handling this bug/problem. I imagine that, if auto-update is active thousands of devices must no be non-compliant irreversible. So how to tackle that? Reset every device and let them set it up again through SSP?