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Sophos Mobile "last seen ">6months ago"


After the upgrade from Sophos mobile control to Sophos central, we have noticed the following issue:

Most of our mobile devices were last seen as active more than 6 months ago (they are daily online though).

Therefore we can not check if the users have the latest iOS version or not.

Is this a known bug or what should we do in this case?

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  • Hello,

    More info: Automatic background synchronization is not working after the update to Sophos central.

    The user can synchronize the app manually but even if he does, in the management console, the wrong iOS version of the device is shown.

    Do we have to make a change in our settings or what exactly is causing this problem?

  • Hello Rose,

    We found out what the problem was.

    Since we were one of the first customers of Sophos to upgrade from Sophos mobile control to Sophos central we were misinformed from a Sophos support agent.

    We were told that we could delete the old Sophos mobile server after migrating to the new one (so we did).

    The issue was caused by the old Sophos Mobile server URL not being accessible anymore. For iOS devices it is not possible to change the Server URL configured within the iOS MDM profile which is installed during the registration.

    The iOS operating system does not provide such a functionality.

    Due to that, the old SMC server URL must be kept accessible so that the iOS devices can be redirected to Sophos Central accordingly.

    We never had the problems you describe though.

  • Hi Ronin,

    If the device last sync in sophos central mobile is more than 30 days ago, we usually do re-enroll first then go from there if problem would still persist,

    Can you do that first, then check if device would still show the wrong iOS version in central.


    Fernan Tutor