iCloud Restore after migrating from MaaS360 to Sophos Mobile (Central)


We have 30+ iOS devices currently enrolled in IBM MaaS360 MDM (via DEP) and I'm looking to migrate all devices over to Sophos Mobile.

I'm happy with the process of changing the device management from one to the other, but if the user then performs an iCloud restore to get all their files and settings back, will this restore the MaaS360 management profiles too, effectively placing it back in MaaS360 management, or even just breaking the Sophos management?

I know iTunes and iCloud restores work differently, and the answer to the iTunes restore would likely be that it would restore the old MDM management (or break the Sophos management) but I'm hoping since the iCloud restore is less 'severe' the Sophos management might be left intact?

Thanks in advance.

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