Enrolment advice for Sophos Intercept X for Mobile using Google EMM


I am just looking for advice on enrolling 500/600 android devices to Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (Central Admin). 

We use Google EMM as our managed provider & these devices are managed on there. 

We have setup successfully following this guide: https://docs.sophos.com/central/Mobile/help/en-us/esg/Sophos-Mobile/tasks/SMSec3rdPartyEMM.html 

The issue is that the end user will have to go through around 12 steps to complete enrolment on their mobiles.

I am just looking to see if anyone has got an easier way to enrol devices or make it easier for the end user such as sophos self service portals etc? 

If you need more clarification , please let me know.