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iOS: App-Gruppen / trackViewUrl


aktuell muessen wir fuer ein iOS-Geraet eine Blacklist fuer iOS-Geraete anlegen. Leider scheint das Anlegen einer App-Gruppe fuer iOS lange nicht so komfortabel wie unter Android zu funktionieren, daher habe ich dazu zwei Fragen:

- Ist das Feld URL eine Pflichtfeld oder optional?
- Ist die URL, die da ggf. einzutragen ist, die trackViewUrl?

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
Andreas Siebert.

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  • Hi There,

    Thank you for reaching us, You may refer to this documentation for web filtering configuration 

    Glenn ArchieSeñas (GlennSen)
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  • Hi :)

    Thanks for your answer, but it I am sorry I have to tell you it does not fit my problem. We want to create app-groups for iOS and the apps in this group should be blacklisted (not be installable for users or at least some kind of action should be triggered). When I create an app-group for android, I can search within sophos for all apps in the Playstore, choose one app and that's basicly it.

    It seems I cannot create an app-group for iOS this way. Let's take snapchat as an example: If I search for snapchat, I simply do not find it within Sophos. Is tehere a way I can make Sophos find it? Otherwise I have to fill in the fields manually.

    First question: Where do I get the Bundle-ID? A lot of people suggest, I have to install the app on an iOS device and look it up in the app-settings. Really? And then type it in manually in Sophos?

    Second question: Is the URL-field optional or do I have to fill in a URL? And where do I get the URL? Is it the URL when I search for the app in Business-Manager and visit the apps site? For snapchat it wpould be: This would be the trackViewUrl I guess? Depending on the way I search I sometimes seem to have session-IDs or something like that as part of the URL, so I am not sure how relevant the URL and the correct form is?

    Is there a way to add an app to an app-group just like it is possible for android? Search for the app, mark it in the list and everything is filled in automatically? The iOS app-groups seem to be much more complicated.

    With kind regards,
    Andreas Siebert.