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Sophos Secure Email loses configuration after password reset

Hello Everyone,

we recently face an issue, which costs us alot of time and nerves and I can not really find a fix or the cause of the problem.

I hope that someone in the community might have already faced the issue and knows a fix.

When a user misstyped their Sophos Secure Email password they get locked out of the container and we need to reset the Container password, so that they can type in a new password and access their E-Mails. The reset is done over Sophos Central -> "Reset container password".

This definetly worked without a problem for 1 - 1.5 years, but now it stopped working.

What is happening: The reset seems to work at first but after a reload of the Secure Email App the user gets the message that there is no configuration data and that they should reach out to the IT. The only working fix for this issue is the complet new integration of the user, which is really annoying.

Does anyone know a fix for the issue or has some troubleshooting that I was to blind to find ?

The Problem appears on iOS, but is not specific to the iOS version as the problem persists for atleast this year.

Thanks in Advance.

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  • Hi 

    Base on what we can see here, this works as designed as the configuration stored in the app is secured with an encryption key derived from the app password

    so if the container password is reset, you have to reconfigure the app
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  • We have seen the same thing after a user accidentally locked themselves out of the container by entering the wrong password too many times.

    We assumed that resetting the container password would force the user to enter a new password. In fact that's what the warning says when we execute the action.

    Do you want to reset the Sophos container password? After you reset the password the user has to enter a new one.

    What is the correct action to take when a user locks themselves out of the container by entering the incorrect PIN too many times? We currently have that set to 25 attempts and we still have users managing to lock themselves out.