iPhone Backup Restore on Sophos Mobile

We have around 100 Phones which we are going to change over to Sophos Mobile from our current MDM

We want to ensure that users retain there content on the phone (pictures, call history, app data)

when we have enrolled the phone, should we resort from backup during installation or after completing the setup?

  • Hi, 

    Can you confirm the OS of this Mobile Is it IOS or Andriod? What was the current version of your server?  Also, was the "Enable backup functionality" enabled on your existing set-up as this one of the keys for you to proceed with your requirements. for more details on how back-up goes please refer to this documentation Section 24 page 137-138. 

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  • Current MDM is Blackberry so i don't see the answer being relevant. the document you sent me is from 2014 and is for Sophos Mobile Control not Central.

    to be clear:

    we have 100 iPhones on Blackberry UEM now.

    we will be provisioning 100 new iPhones on Sophos Central Mobile Advanced to replace these.

    what is the process to ensure that personal data (pictures, call history, app data) on the old phones is transferred to the new.?

    (obviously if no MDM was involved this would be a backup of the old phone and restore at startup on the new)