official enrollment download location of Sophos APK file not working on androids?

We are using a mixed environment with  Device Admin for Android 9 and older. And Google Enterprise for 10 and higher. Al enrollments with Samsung KME.

Since a few weeks, when you hard reset i.e. an android 9 or older device. The enrollment gets stuck at the download point of the sophos MDM apk. (cannot download)

Our Sophos (on premis server) shows a link in the settings: That same link is in KME to download the app.

When I test the link on a random Windows PC, the apk is downloading just fine. When I test the link in a random android browser : "not found" .

Why ? whats the difference? I now use a freeware server link with the APK file on it. That works for now, but why are all androids blokking this link ?

PS: http or https makes no diffence, nor does the used internet connection.

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