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Protect against malware Adrozek?

Good afternoon, 

I would like to confirm if the machine-learning feature of Sophos can protect us againts the new major browser malware Adrozek. 

Further information about can be find here:

Detailed one :

My understanding is that a standard signature protection can't beat the countermesure Adrozek are taking.

Also I'm not sure blocking  Audiolava.exe, QuickAudio.exe, and converter.exe can a real protection here.

That said, in this one I need your help to tell me if Sophos already have something against it or if I need to look at something else to block it.


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  • Hi GlenSen,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, Malware Adrozek is a polymorphic malware that relates to more than 160 different domains and more than 17'000 uniques URLs. Tracking this malware by IP or Hashes, will not be doable (I think, I'm not an malware expert).

    Please tell me if I'm wrong, but I think a good way to track it is with the new ML (Machine learning) feature that Sophos is offering. By looking at the way the malware acts and preventing these type of actions:

    • browser extensions installed by the malware
    • Browser DLL edited
    • Add REG keys to prevent browsers to be updated
    • Multiple other REG keys edited

    Best regards,

  • Hi David,

    As Glenn stated - we are using both forms to detect the malicious element. So, for some scenarios the static detection will prevent the action and in others (based on how the malware is executing) the ML portion of the product will catch it.

    In general, we use a Defense in Depth approach to our product to provide optimal protection.


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