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Unrecognized file threat?

When I woke up, it appears that my Intercept X app found the following file like low reputation app:


With the following route:

According to the log, it was removed the minute the file appeared

What does it mean? Is it something harmful to my device?
What should I do about it or what steps can I take to make sure my device is safe?

Thank you :)

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  • Cuando desperté, aparece que mi app Intercept X encontró el siguiente archivo:


    Con la siguiente ruta:

    Según el registro, se quitó al minuto de la aparición del archivo

    ¿Que significa? ¿Es algo dañino para mi dispositivo?
    ¿Qué debo hacer al respecto o qué pasos puedo seguir para asegurarme de que mi dispositivo está seguro?

    Gracias por su ayuda :)

  • Did it tell you any other info?  Or can you check Sophos to see if it lists the APP?  Lots of times this can be an app that is unknown or not fully vetted.  From what I read they are gauged across their customer base, so something like gmail which comes preinstalled on every android phone would have a high rating, but something new or not as common might not.  For example, if an app has 100,000 downloads only you have to remember that it would have be downloaded to phones with Sophos as well to start a rep score.  However it can also be a real threat.  I would run a scan with Sophos to be safe.  It is hard to say with the limited info.  Did you happen to recently (last week or so) install a new app?  and or Did you recently install Sophos?  Any clues can help.






  • I've already collected more information.  The area marked with red is the one that appeared to me.  I have been constantly testing with Intercept X and no danger or problem has appeared.  Also, I have done analysis with Malwarebytes, Avast and Kaspersky, everything has come out clean. 

    I do not remember making app downloads, a few days ago, browsing Firefox for cell phones, I opened a pop-up tab that asked me to download an app, I immediately closed the tab because it seemed dangerous, do you think that could be it?