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Product choice selection - discrepancies

Ive got the plugin up and running and i'm working on Auto Deploy configurations, but I notice that the "Assign Products"  area has a dropdown that a) doesn't have the product we use and b) has something I have no idea wha it is. It doesn't match up with the wording the original Automate plugin used, OR the names that are actually used within the Sophos Console.  

I'm including three screenshots and the naming convention is different in each. I ASSUME we want Intercept X Advanced, but we use Intercept X Advanced with XDR - will the correct product be assigned?

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  • It's even better than that... when we "upgraded" the Sophos Central "solution" in the Solution Center it wiped out ALL of the EDFs, including the "what products to install" drop-down. When I went to rebuild it, research into the command-line options suggested that the MTR/XDR option is actually "mdr" for the installer command. Which... consistency, what's that? So for a MTR client, the drop down (that I had to rebuild by hand, of course) reads "antivirus,intercept,mdr".

    (Disclaimer: We're not using the plugin right now. It hasn't been updated in roughly a year and didn't actually work for us the last time we tried it. So I rebuilt the searches/groups/EDFs/etc similar to what was in the old Solution Center solution.)

  • Hi Candace - XDR doesn't have a deployment component. It is simply a licensed feature. You can simply us the Intercept X Advanced. We can add an XDR option in the top screenshot with a next release, just so it is easy to match. The second screenshot is from an original Sophos Central Add-on which is End of Life.