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Automate plugin overloaded with computers.


Just started trying to use this plugin. We are a sophos reseller and also use automate to manage a small handful of customers. The issue is that this plugin loads information on every device in ALL of our partner portal. Their are close to 100,000 devices that try to load every time we navigate to that tab and it takes forever and eventually just errors out.

The expectation would be that Sophos would at least by default only display devices from tenants that are connected with a Customer token. Most of the devices that are showing up we don't even manage for our customers. In its current state the plugin is basically unusable beyond the autodeploy feature. I can filter a lot of it out, but on average it takes me 15 to 20 minutes due to the fact that Automate locks up constantly while its trying to load all the computers in the list.

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