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Removal of the Old Solution

Can someone detail the process to transition from the old Sophos Central Integration to the new Plugin?  In what order do you disable and remove things and where?

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  • The only thing that needs to be on the old Sophos Central Add-on is to uncheck the Deploy box under the Client - Info Tab - Sophos Tab. This will disable the Sophos Central Add-on for that Client. Connectwise Automate doesn't have an easy removal option for their Solutions Center add-ons.

  • Adding on to what Steve Weber said, I'd also look at the various Groups in Automate to see if you want to keep the monitoring & script scheduling that the Solution created when you installed it. (You can open up the Sophos Central solution entry in Solution Center to see what all is included, scripts and monitors and groups and all that.) We ourselves probably won't mess with much of that, as the Plugin doesn't replace the need for service monitoring ("hey, the AutoUpdate service is missing/stopped") and it's nice to have Groups & Searches available for reasons outside of what the Plugin offers currently.