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  • I just installed this plugin today and cannot get it to stay connected. I go into the settings for the plugin and put in my API key and secret and it actually does say "Connected" and in using Fiddler, it does get a successful response from the Sophos API and gives me a valid token with expire time. 

    The problem seems to be related to the DB based on the response I got from the POST to the Automate endpoint when it is trying to INSERT into "plugin_sophos_central_pld_auth". The POST responds with a -9999 code. 

    This is further shown when I click out of the settings window and go back into it, the key and secret have disappeared. So it looks like it is just not saving them.

    I opened a ticket with ConnectWise and they said I would have to get with you guys. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • I am having this exact same issue.  From my logs, each attempt to connect has this:

    2021-01-27T15:54:20.0970978-07:00 [] Global :: Authenticating
    2021-01-27T15:54:20.9888757-07:00 [] SophosService :: Authenticated and token updated
    2021-01-27T15:54:21.6708977-07:00 [] SettingsViewModel :: Sophos WhoAmI api called

  • HI Christopher, 

    Could you please also validate the API credentials are generated from the Partner account and the tenant accounts are not trials?

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  • I have generated the API from my master account to which the customers belong.

    Regarding temporary tenants, I have no idea about that as I have simply created the customers and never assigned anyone as temporary anything.  The only references I can find regarding tenants is in the api programming documentation which I'm definitely not messing with.

    I have confirmed again that I can create the API credentials, enter it into the sohpos central plugin, it will connect, but when I refresh the page with the refresh icon or leave the screen and return it has disconnected and will NOT reconnect again until both the pass and key have been re-entered..

    I have tested this also using api keys from a customer level as well with the same result.

  • HI Chris, thank you for your response.  I would hope you would not assume at all from the previous responses.  Our intent is merely to triage the issue, rule out the possibility of unsupported use cases and ultimately understand the cause so we can advise on an alternate course of action or provide a fix should it be needed.