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Connectwise Automate Feedback & Questions.

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  • What do we do about these frequent, ongoing sync errors:

    "Cannot implicitly convert type 'SophosCentral.Data.ApiModels.SophosEndpoint' to 'SophosCentral.Data.Tables.PluginComputer'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)"


    "Failed WhoAmi call status code: 429, reason is Too Many Requests"

    Do we have the ability to slow down the sync frequency? Seems like it's trying too hard, or something.

    Also, can we mark tenants as "not appearing in Automate" so they aren't showing up in the Clients view at all? Some of our Central tenants are devices-only, or not managed services clients, that sort of thing.

  • Were you using an older Early Access version of the Connectwise Plug-in Previously?

    The 429 Too Many Requests is fine for now. It is hitting an API Limit that we have currently. That limit will be adjusted, which will address those errors.

    You have an option at the top right of the screen to filter by Connectwise Only. On the next release, this will become the default view.

  • Nope, our first install of the plugin was from a download made yesterday. It's the 10072020 named version of the DLL.

    Having fiddled with it a bit more this morning (I spent an hour last night doing the install & linking of clients to tenants) I think the biggest change I'd ask for is a way to slow/control the refresh rate in the filtered computer views. It takes a full minute to load the filter results, then by the time it's done loading it starts over again on a refresh. Hard to get anything done that way.

  • Thanks for the feedback Grey! This is something we'll take into consideration.

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