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Suggestion: Set timezone for tenant

In our base partner policy for email security, we have Quarantine Digest set to occur each day at 8AM and 4PM. The problem is that the TIME ZONE is set within the policy and we have different customers in different time zones.

To get around this, we have to "clone" the base policy for the customer and set their timezone, which works fine, but then changes we make to the base policy don't replicate to that customer because they aren't using the base policy.

Although this doesn't apply to us, I can see situations where other customers/partners may have multiple offices in multiple time zones and therefore want to have multiple policies in different time zones, so perhaps there needs to be an option to set the TIMEZONE in the tenants email security settings and then in the policy itself, it has a toggle to "override tenant timezone".

Or, the ideal solution would be to pull the Quarantine Digest settings out of the "EMail Security" policy altogether and instead have a dedicated policy for quarantine digests. That way partners can have standard email security settings across all tenants and simply have different quarantine digest policies.

Data Control, Email Security, Secure Message, Quarantine Digest.

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