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Email Portal Encryption Password Reset

We have recently switched over the to Sophos Portal Encryption for our secure emails. We send many of our clients emails securely through this portal and it has been great so far, except for when it comes to password troubles. Sometimes these clients forget their passwords and forget the answers for their security questions. What is the best solution to resolve this? Is there some sort of account management/control that we have access to so that we can delete users and have them set up a new account? Opening up a support ticket for each incident like this is a little ridiculous. It has gotten to the point where I am strongly considering switching the entire system. Trying to work with Sophos on it via phone or email has not helped much at all. You would think if you (as a company) pay for the service from Sophos and have your own branding on the portal that there would be a little bit of control/management of the users to help them out. Thank you in advance for any help

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