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About synchronization with Google Directory and problems with mailboxes

Hello everyone,

This is my first post and I am here to ask for help or just information about google directory synchronization in the Sophos Central people section but focused on the Sophos email Security product.

We recently acquired the Email Security product for our organization, in this context we currently have our corporate email with Google Workspace, given the above we use the synchronization detailed in "Set up synchronization with Google Directory" (

We were able to successfully perform the synchronization of users from the Google Workspace directory, which brought the following data: full name, email and groups to which they belong in Google Workspace, as follows:

In the instructions ("Set up synchronization with Google Directory") shared above it is explicitly mentioned that the mailboxes will also be synchronized if I understand it correctly.

When reviewing the mailboxes section in Central Sophos, it is realized that they were not synchronized, which prevents us from continuing with our final implementation. We would like to know if indeed with this synchronization of the google directory we will be able to create the mailboxes of each user in the mentioned section. The mailboxes created and shown in the image were tested but after synchronization they simply appeared as "no data".

Unfortunately if this synchronization does not allow the synchronization of mailboxes we would have to do it manually as mentioned in the tutorial. Is there any other way to do it than manually?

We appreciate any help or information

Have a great day

Best regards

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  • The purpose of Synchronization with Google or Azure is to create People and Mailboxes. You should not have to manually create any mailboxes. Understand the use of the term mailbox is a Sophos Central mailbox so that we can accept the messages destined to/from your users. They should directly correlate to a actual mailbox in Google Workspace or else we can't deliver the inbound message to the recipient. 

  • Hello Tom, thanks for your answer, I think exactly the same and I did the configuration exactly according to the available documentation, unfortunately it is still not possible to configure the mailboxes of the users and it is something that prevents us to continue implementing. I created a ticket in support but I still have no answers, I have the theory that it may be related to the permissions of the Google Workspace admin account with which it is being configured. Do you have the detail of the exact permissions that are required in addition to being admin as indicated in the documentation? thank you very much.