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how find out is there any other way to reduce the license count for mailboxes?

One of our client consuming extra licenses they actually porches from, for example they have 59 licenses over MS 365 and their environment consuming 77 email protection licenses. Now how then can reduces the license count of their shared email box or their is any other way to reduce the licenses? 

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  • Email licenses are counted based on messages received for mailboxes. If a mailbox doesn't receive any email for 30 days the license is released. One method of reducing licenses is only synchronize a group of users that you want to protect. Example: create a group in EntraID called emailusers and only put in the 59 people they want to protect using Sophos Email. Understand though that if Sophos is the MX record holder we will reject messages if they don't belong to that group so carefully consider this.