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Wildcards in policies

I've tried adding in * as an external email address but the policy does not seem to be applying.

Documentation says that the policy applies to the SMTP From rather than the Header From (which in this case is annoying).

My gut feel here is that wildcards are not accepted in this section - which is annoying because I don't want the policy applying to ALL emails from SendGrid.

Anyone know if wildcards ARE or ARE NOT supported in this screen? If not, I'm not really sure what to do, because the email is going to BULK Quarantine and there's no other way to bypass BULK (allow lists are not honoured in determining BULK emails).

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  • Wildcards at this time are domain level, but as mentioned in other thread bypass quarantine for allow list should work. We should not be checking antispam for allow list entries. We'll continue to dig in internally and come back.

  • Stuart, we've tested in multiple instances adding an email to the Allow List does in fact bypass all anti-spam checks. What I did observe is from the time I added it to the list it took up to 90 seconds for it to propagate and take affect. In my first test after adding the email address it was detected as Bulk and quarantined. I tested about 5 minutes later and it is now bypassing the spam checks.

  • Hi Tom. The two threads are different issues entirely. This thread is about applying security policies to email addresses with a wildcard, not about allow lists. It sounds from your initial reply that wildcards are NOT supported for email addresses in the external section of policies.