Quarantined Email Report

I can't see anything in the Knowledge Base but is there a way to see what emails our users have released from Quarantine? Any built in report that shows an email was previously quarantined but since been released?

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[edited by: Raphael Alganes at 10:47 AM (GMT -8) on 16 Nov 2023]
    Thank you for posting into the Community forum.
    Currently there is no report that directly shows which emails were quarantined then released by users. In all cases though only the recipient AND central admins can release quarantined emails.
    You can however see individual emails getting quarantined and released by clicking on the email subject within Message History, then go to > Message Details

    If it is a central admin that released the email though, it shows within the audit logs. It should be under the "Reports > General logs > Audit Logs"
    I would suggest exporting the logs first into a PDF format then searching for the term "Release quarantined messages"