Quarantine Report incomplete


today i noticed the quarantine report from E-Mail Central is incomplete. After logging in in self service portal, there are quite more emails in quarantine as shown in the delivered reports. We set up sending reports four times a day, but there are definitely some emails missing/not shown in the email. It would also be great getting a complete quarantine overview (or maybe an option to enable) not only from new ones.

Has anyone same experiences or is there a feature on the road map for this coming soon?



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  • Quarantine Reports only contains messages received since the last Quarantine Report (digest) was delivered. We have enhanced this to allow administrators to configure digest reports every hour 24X7. We do not have any plans to send a report that contains all messages in a users quarantine as some people 1. never check quarantine and it could become quite a large report and 2. sending digest periodically should provide a reminder to check and 3. most people find that the quarantine is usually just junk and they let it expire after the allotted time period.