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Is it possible to run the clawback to more than 1 email at a time?

We got 500 emails that Sophos didnt block and we want to clawback them all.


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  • Multi-select clawback will be rolling out later this quarter. Currently if there are 500 individual messages there is no easy way. If there is a single message with 500 recipients it would require multiple clawback actions. We also will have a limit on the number of messages clawedback at one time due to API constraints on the M365 side but it will support above 200 at a time is my recollection. As we get closer to releasing the feature we will publish the limitations.

  • It would also be handy to have a clawback function based on the senders email address, rather than on an email basis. To get around API constaints, perhaps it could queue them up and remove 200 at a time?

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