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Block languages through email security.

Has Sophos created the FR for the ability to block languages through an email security policy? I read that this feature request was supposed to be available Q1 this year, but I am not seeing any option to control languages.

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    It is quite an interesting topic!
    May I know where you have read this feature request from? I'm just thinking, it could be quite hard to implement blocking languages through email security. This is because that would mean that the scanning engine would have to know different languages to recognize them which may take quite a big chunk of databases and will keep growing as the particular language expands as well. Perhaps AI might help with this kind of thing but looking into our Feature request list (internal) I did not see anything about this particular topic hence I'm asking where you have read it. Thanks!

  • We do have a plan to release an enhancement that allows admins to selectively block certain languages. Along with Country of Origin giving the ability to block email originating from certain geographic regions. These were scheduled to be release in 2023 however due to extenuating circumstances around the M365 connector changes that has been pushed into 2024. 

  • I am an MSP who uses Sophos Email Security for my clients. The issue is, I am starting to receive a bunch of service request to block languages and other countries to users inboxes as they are getting inundated with spam from other countries and/or has other languages,(ex. Chinese). Most, if not all, of my clients have office 365 in place but we are bypassing O365 spam filtering for Sophos Email Security. Office 365 Spam filtering has the capabilities to block countries and languages but with bypassing the security built into 365 and sending to Sophos we are not able to use this feature. This is becoming an urgent issue and we might have to move away from Sophos Email Security if we cannot get this feature added sooner than later. Reflexion even had this feature capability.

  • Bryan, we understand and will have this in the product as soon as we complete the required connector work that Microsoft has mandated for 3rd party connectors (certificate based vs ip based).