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Need End User Videos

I just watched the video on the self service portal.  While the video is very good, it is primarily directed at the admin and the setup/configuration. 

What we need as partners are videos that we can send to the end users that:

1. Help end users understand what the smart banner does and how to use it. 

2. A video directed at the end user that explains how to access the self service portal and what they can do in the portal.  While the self service portal video is very good, like I said, it is created to be watched by admins, NOT end users.

3. The video from  #2 should also explain how to manually add an email to the allow/block list, what the differences are between, Release, Release and Allow, Delete, and Delete and Block as we all know all partners have "those kind" of end users that do not understand the differences.

While I understand we as partners can create these videos, not all of us have the time, environment, software, or the "flare" to pull off a great video.

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