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Mailflow mode - rules for multiple domains

I'm in the middle of setting up a new client on to Sophos Central Mail. The client has 10 public domains. When I link them up through Sophos, it only creates four connectors (2 inbound and 2 outbound), so no duplicate connectors, it just shares the same one - no issues there, but when I look at the mail rules, it has created 21 rules - one inbound and one outbound for each domain. This seems complete overkill. I suppose I could delete 18 of them, and then edit the remaining inbound/outbound rules and added all the domains manually, but then I suspect that Sophos Central would get all confused and wouldn't be able to find the rule it created if changes needed to be made.

Is there a reason Sophos creates a unique set of rules for each domain?

And, also, why can't I just get Sophos to sync all domains that are in the Office 365 tenant - why do I need to add each domain in manually one by one?

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  • Stuart, a couple of points

    1. We are looking at consolidation of connectors and rules once we get past the current MFR issues with Microsoft and having to build a certificate based connector setup.

    2. We don't sync the entire tenant because not everyone wants all domains to use Sophos. We have customers who have domains that don't go through Sophos and if we synched the entire tenant they would have to license those domains.

    Thanks for being a valuable member of this community.