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SEA hardware migration to Sophos Email(Cloud)

Hello team,

We are using SEA  ES1100 to provide email security protection, its EOL time is July 20,2023, so I want to know can we migrate the current SEA configuration to Sophos Central Email (cloud)? If we can't migrate and we're going to redeploy, what licensing services should we buy? Is there a big difference between sophos central email(cloud) and SEA hardware functions?

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  • Sophos Central Email uses mailboxes (Users + Alias counts as 1), Shared Mailboxes (1) as licenses. Public Folder and Distribution Lists are not counted. 

    You need to configure new policies, but essentially that is a "quick job to do" in Central Email. The policies are straight forward: You have Protection and Control Policies, which means, to protect and to control, what you want to have within your company. 

    You should contact Sales to get you an offer to migrate. The CEMA migration does not take long (Sync Users, create the policies and move your MX to Central): 


  • Hi LuCar,

    The CEMA migration does not take long (Sync Users, create the policies and move your MX to Central):

    Do you mean that we buy a license subscription in sophos email(cloud), create the policy, and then migrate the SEA (hardware) policy to the cloud?

    Can we only migrate SEA (hardware) policies to the cloud?

  • To be clear: There is no migration process. You can create your Policies in CEMA like you had on SEA by hand. 


  • I understand, thanks for sharing, thank you very much!

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