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Miss the Quarantine Digest email

Hi all,

I miss the Digest email (Quarantine), but i have messages within quarantine.

How do i check if/why not a digest is sent.


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  • FYI - Quarantine emails started coming through this morning randomly. Nothing has changed, so no idea, but working nonetheless.

  •    Thank you for your update. I have also taken a look at your case and I would say that this is an expected behavior. This is because the Quarantine Summary emails are configured to be sent everyday at 8AM and 4PM. This means that if there are emails quarantined after 4PM for a particular user, it will appear in the Quarantine Summary sent around 8AM.  I took a look at the quarantined emails on May 8 and found that they range from 9:46PM to 11:55PM. So this after 4PM, hence would be seen at 8AM the following day. 


  • No, this is not the case. Quarantine emails were not received for A WEEK, and there were emails in my quarantine - confirmed by the support consultant who shadowed by PC.

    Nevertheless, now working.

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