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missing logs for blocked mails

Hello everyone,

Within "Email Security - Message Summary" I see some "real-time blocked" messages.

I need information about these blocked mails Sender / IP / Subject / .
This is necessary because I'm expecting some (automated) mails that don't arrive.
But I can't find any logs regarding these connection attempts/mails.

Can someone give me a hint?


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  • Essentially this kind of information is not available at this stage of the Blocking. If the message history does not show you the information, like Central Email is blocking the Email on a IP base. You can raise a Support Case and ask for the review of this time frame and the IP, you expect the Email to come throught. This is a rare case of blocking. Could be a TLS Encryption issue with Timeouts. 


  • I agree, I need access to these also for that exact reason, i have raised a critical issue with Support, as we are migrating to Google Workspace and need to know if anything is setup incorrectly, i have seen an increase of 100 or so email's in this queue since yesterday, without any insight as to why.