Block an email domain across all tenants

How is that we still cannot block a malicious email domain for all of our tenants at once? After all these years. What a critical function that doesn't exist. Reflexion had this functionality. Sophos bought Reflexion. When bad emails slip through (happens a lot with Sophos Email; Gateway) I have to manually add that domain to each tenant's block list. And as fast as possible if it's an especially clever/dangerous email.

Yes, we also report to

Come on Sophos. Do the work.

  • Well Tim I hear you and I’m fact I had this very discussion with the product architects this past week and we will be adding global allow/block across tenants from the partner dashboard as well as copy/clone policy. I don’t have an exact timeline but I’m shooting for first half this year. We’ve made a lot of progress over the last 12 months and have more exciting things coming