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Sophos Email Advanced: Push Encryption vs Portal Encryption

Hello all,

Our company currently does not offer the portal encryption and uses the standard push encryption. Does anyone know if the Portal Encryption allows users to send Encrypted emails internally? Or can anything be changed to allow the end users to send encrypted emails internally. Thanks!


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  • For internal email encryption to be properly implemented, the encryption needs to be done on the client, not on a server or gateway. The practicality of this depends on what the particpating clients (and users) can support, as in S/Mime is supported now by most mail clients, but not many users, or so it seems. If you don't want to be dependent on what recipients are running, you can install Central Device Encryption, right-click a file, and create a password protected file. You can mail the protected (html) file, and send the password via other means.

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  • Technically you could do it but it would require you to reconfigure your email routing in M365 or Google Workspace to route internal email through Central. We do not recommend this. Why? Because it then becomes a single point of failure and increases time of delivery for internal email as every piece of internal email must be routed to Sophos and scanned. We may in the future offer the ability to support this as a separate offering but for now I would not advise it.