3CX DLL-Sideloading attack: What you need to know

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Hi, In Control Panel Email Security shows this advisor

hi i need this problem in sophos central email admin Do you solve this configuration with M365? You have not yet disabled the gateway connection for your domains. Your domain is currently configured with Sophos Gateway and Sophos Mailflow. You need to remove the gateway connection for your domain and change the MX records back to M365


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  • This, and further; you generally shouldn’t be assigning corporate apps to all users or all devices anyway, as that includes guests, system accounts, service accounts, etc.

    I would recommend assigning M365 apps to a custom security group that you also use to apply group licensing i.e. “Microsoft 365 Business Licensed Users”.

    I noticed OP has enabled shared computer activation, so OP should be targeting a custom device group instead.