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Email Encryption - Envelope/PDF not TLS

I'm interested in views on our Email Encryption offering, not TLS delivery methods but actual either PDF (push) or Portal Encryption (pull). 

Do you use it? Views on it? Like it? Hate it? 

Let me hear you!



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  • Same problem. I am trying to get clarification on something and can't find any documentation on it. If I send an encrypted email in Office 365 (using IRM) and I attach a PDF or other non-Office document, that attachment does not inherit the encryption restrictions from the email. However, is the attachment at least encrypted during transport? Is there any MS documentation that states that? I just need to be sure and point my bosses to it.

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  • If you use Sophos Email Encryption the entire message is encrypted including attachment. Transport encryption depends on configuration between the sending/receiving domains. I don't know MS documentation.