DMARC Setup - Step By Step Guide - Email Gateway

Hello Sophos Community,

We have recently implemented SPF and DKIM protection to our email which was fairly simple due to Sophos providing work-through guides and support.

However, implementing DMARC is proving harder to implement. Currently, we have a setup where DMARC has been set as follows in our DNS management providers system:

TXT Record

Name Record: DMARC
Record Data: v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=[Address]; ruf= [Address];

Question 1) Where do I point the rua (Aggregate report) and ruf (Forensic Report) to within Sophos to ensure that the email gateway is receiving the DMARC reports to analyze?

Question 2) Is there a better way of analyzing the DMARC records rather than in the quarantine section of email (i.e. A dashboard of some kind)?

Just wondered if anyone else has these issues or concerns whilst implementing.